Saturday, 27 February 2010

MAC Haul and Review

Hey everyone :)

As per the usual I went and blew most of my January paycheque on makeup, including a nice little MAC haul. Most of it was really just essentials I had run out of, but I also got two new eye shadows and a nail polish from the Lilyland collection. Also included in the haul is some MAC that the boyf got me for Valentine ’s Day....after WEEKS of hinting XD

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in ‘Light’.

My Holy Grail powder foundation. Honestly I’ve never found anything that quite matches the fine consistency and smooth application of this. £18.00 isn’t what you would call a bargain but really, it lasts forever (well about 3 months if you’re me) and is such a great powder. It’s easy to apply and apply well. I tend to use the SS134 kabuki brush to buff it in and I get a flawless finish without any caking or flaking. I do have to reapply probably about once a day, twice maybe if it’s very humid but I love it. My only issue is that when it’s pretty new the powder on top is quite loose and has a tendency to fly around a bit, so careful with your clothes!

MAC Brush Cleanser.
I didn’t actually know anywhere else even really DID a brush cleanser. I knew Estee Lauder has one but Estee Lauder owns MAC and it looks and smells exactly the same...It’s also a few quid more expensive for a bit less product so I’m perfectly happy sticking with this. I decant it into a spray bottle bit by bit as I go through it as I find this so much easier to handle. I also don’t get that annoying bit that drips down the side when it’s still in its bottle. Brushes are clean within a minute and it doesn’t take too long to dry either. Obviously with a brush such as the SS217 from Sigma it’ll take longer than a filbert brush due to more bristles, a wider shape and general extra fluffiness. I’m not the keenest on the somewhat overpowering alcohol smell but aside from that it’s excellent.

MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage.Minus the fancy name: Face primer. I used to use Boots No 7 Shine Free Make-up Base as a primer, but it wasn’t much fun. I found it very stiff and I had to mix it with my moisturiser to be able to use it. This is SO much better! The pump is easy to control and I can do my entire face with just one or two pumps of pea sized product. It is silicone based so it leaves a lovely smooth slippery feel to the skin and I find that foundation looks a lot more even and smooth and generally gives a more professional finish. Also the packaging is glittery, which for some reason just makes me happy. Definitely a new favourite.

MAC Nail Lacquer in ‘Coconut Ice’.

My first nail polish from Mac, as I was always a bit dubious about paying £8 for 10mls of product. But I’d seen review on this and knew I had to have it. It’s limited edition from the ‘Lillyland’ collection (and no I don’t know who Lily Pulitzer is either) It’s a beautiful pink... like peachy, corally and baby pink all rolled into one. Its sweet and sugary and really does make me think of spring. Honest, Im pretty sure I’m going to have to get me another one of these to even last me through spring, I just cannot stop wearing it!

I'll update this review with swatches and reviews of the eyeshadows and lipstick once I have new batteries for my camera, as now its in a coma.

Hope you enjoyed this review :) xx

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