Thursday, 16 December 2010

Fun Makeup Storage

Makeup storage can be SO boring. just plain white sets of plastic drawers or worse just a box full of everything all getting lost. Here are a few more fun ideas to brighten up your makeup storage

Small Storage:

This is an adorable little hello kitty tin I found at TK MAXX. If you have just a small amount of makeup it's really good for just putting everything you need in. Its sits on your desk and looks so sweet :3

Here I've put just a few of my favourite items in so they're always on hand.

Another good use I found is to store my barry M dazzle dusts in. This would also work really well for MAC eyeshadows or pigments and glitters or any other brand of round eyeshadow of small pigment tubs. I also found it was good to fit nail polishes in, I got 14 average sized ones to fit.

The other thing I like is this rack, its supposed to be used as a letter organiser. but I find its great to fit palettes in!

Usually I just use it to hold the 88 matte/satin and shimmer palettes but I put two of my urban decay ones in too, just to see in they fit. Also sleek palettes work nicely

I got that at TK MAXX which I would really recommend if you're looking for fun storage, there's all sorts of cute boxes and drawers in thereand anything can be spiced up with a little creativity.

These for example were plain ones that I found in Asda (walmart) WhichI spiced up with a tissue paper flower and some cute sparlkly black butterflies I just stuck on.

In here I keep my eyeliners and bases, my mascaras brow stuff and tweezers, and my back up drawer.

Hopefully you found that helpful for ideas and tips on makeup storage ad how to make it fun. Because makeup should make you smile, and it cant do that if its all stuffed away in a drawer!

thankyou for reading :) xx

Friday, 10 December 2010

Barry M Nail Paint Swatches

I just have a few new Barry M polishes that I picked up a few days ago and I thought Id show you them and their swatches :D

280 'Spring Green' ~ a lovely fresh mid-tone yellow green. Looks especially good on yellow toned skin such as mine :3

295 'Pure Turquoise' ~ A light pastel turquoise, far more blue than green. Not really a winter colour, but I love mixing things up a little.

310 'Mushroom' ~ A creamy mid brown. Could be considered a nude on darker skin tones. Makes me think of hot chocolate :3

290 'Grey' ~ Just what it says, a simple grey, towards the gunmetal shades. Great for wintertime and the office, more interesting than black or red but still professional.

303 'Bright Purple' ~ A beautiful dark magenta, great to pair with berry toned lips or eyes.

They are just some new ones I bought to try out. I love all Barry M's nail paints and these are great additions to my collection

Thanks for reading xx

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Blue and Yellow Leopard Nails.

Hey everyone

Just a quick post to show my new nails. Im rubbish at doing my nails but this is surprisingly easy! You just scrape off most of the blue polish off the brush and used it a bit like a stippling brush to pat on C shapes and little circles.

Its gives a lightly furry effect and it doesnt matter if its a little messy, after all, what leopard has perfectly neat spots?

Here it is:

Hope you like them :) took me probably 20 minutes to do all my fingers including drying time.

I used Sally Hansen's Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat with Barry Ms nail paints in 307 'lemon ice cream' and 292 'navy'.

Give it a try :D xx