Thursday, 28 October 2010

Rag doll Bow

So the crafty thing continues.
I couldnt sleep last night so this really got thrown together at about 3 am haha. I think had I been awake it would be nice and neat... so I wouldn't have needed to call it a rag doll bow.

Its just made out of some old jammies I was about to throw out. I thought it was a pit to waste such a nice fabric, despite the fact it was thin and not stretchy at all so very uncomfortable to sleep in. the little 'ribbon-y' bits are made from the straps of the top. I found a big pink button and a little flower knocking around and sewed them on too.

I plan to maybe attach it to a big barrette so I could clip it in my hair. That could look cute.

Id get a few stares

but I've never minded that XD would YOU wear this out? Just curious :)

I hope this crafty phase stays with me. Its a lot of fun XD

In other news my very first youtube video will be up tomorrow :) Id appreciate a bit of feedback from you guys. Ill post a link

thankyou for reading xx

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

cuddly cupcakes!

wow...Im in a really crafty mood at the moment!

I made this ADORABLE little cupcake plushie! He's nowhere near perfect and the face is all glued on with eyelash glue but I love him!

Im really making an effort to finish things I start right now. Its sort of a new school years resolution, though it applies to everything, not just school work.

But this little chappie makes me so proud just because I finished him. My room is full of half started projects that I could just never be bothered to complete.

I'm really into my crafts right now. I'll definitely be posting up pics of more things and maybe tutorials if anything turns out tutorial worthy :)

Im tempted to thread some ribbon through the top and hang him somewhere... maybe save him for a really cute christmas tree decoration!

thankyou for reading xx

Tasty Time! Bacon wrapped Tofu!

Oh my goodness!

so I know it’s likehalf past 5 and therefore too late for lunch and too early for tea.

But I saw this recipe (here) and it looked so tasty I HAD to give it a try!

I ran straight out to the shop and bought tofu and extra bacon and about 20 minutes later I was eating this delicious meal.

I proudly a rubbish cook, but this was super simple to make: just wrap the bacon round the tofu and stick ‘em in an oily frying pan, pouring on a little soy sauce if you want.

The tofu soaks up both the salty richness of the bacon and the tangy flavours of the soy sauce and becomes an infusion of both. And then when you bite it you get soft tofu and chewy bacon. I put on a bit of black pepper too, just to add a bit of spice.

I also boiled up a little brown rice to have something mellow alongside such a rich dish.

It was delicious! I’m trying to convince my bf to let me cook it for him when he comes round Friday. He’s resisting but I have a feeling it’s more to do with my cooking skills than anything else haha

apparently this is also good made with prosciutto ham, which is much less fatty than bacon, I can imagine you could make little cubes of it like that and put them in a salad.

Thankyou for reading xx

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Frankenailsss! :D

Okay so these arent entirely original. I saw them on Xsparkage's blog and she saw goldiestarling's video on youtube.

But these are sooo cute and ultra halloweeny that I just HAD to try them!

Its not perfect as I was just messing about, but this is the finished result:

I used Illamasqua's 'Milf' for the green and the black is from Barry M as is the 'vivd purple' on my other nails. the white is from MACs Hello Kitty collection.

They were stupidly easy. I used only one 'tool' and that was to do the black points of the eyes and the mouth. and even then, I dont have any special tools, so I always just use the tip of an old eyeliner that I didnt like so I chucked it and rinsed the tip and use that for nail art :)

its so much fun, and I even managed to do it on my other hand without too much trouble.

Have a try! xx

Sunday, 24 October 2010

I'm on Beautystat! :D

Heyy! I'm a proud blogger for Beautystat! a place where bloggers are away from the pressure of having to say good things about product s because they receive them for free. We may receive things for review but we are expected to give our honest opinion on them and are under no obligation to promote it.

So expect reviews coming your way for things that are new on the market or occasionally haven't even been released yet! :) Im excited. Im VERY excited.


Saturday, 16 October 2010

Chinese Dragon makeup.

Well Halloween is upon us, and while Im all geared up to be a gory but adorable zombie princess for my Halloween party with my friends, I wanted to do something special for the family get together too, where we're all going out for a meal. Obviously I cant have fake blood dripping everywhere in a posh restaurant or be anything too scary in front of the other customers. So I looked to youtube and recreated my own version of Klairedelysart's Chinese dragon tutorial go have a look:

I just simplified it , taking away the glitter on theforehead and making it more purple.

But I think for someone a little more grown up, or for going out somewhere were face blood and bandages might be frowned upon this would be a lovely alternative.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Cupcake Nails

So this morning I was avoiding homework as you do and found myself playing around with my nails. This is what I came up with:

It was surprisingly simple, just a thick block of lilac in the centre of the nail, once it was dry I used a plain white to blob over the top in a cloud like shape. using a cocktail stick I dotted eyes and a little smile with black nail varnish, then decided to use bright pink in the same way to make cute little rosy cheeks. Because the white varnish was appled so thickly I had to wait for a while before it was dry but then I used the brush from an old liquid eyeline (works really well!) to dot on some baby blue sprinkles.

It took about five minutes to do it just on the thumb, I have short nails so I don't think it would fit on any of my fingers, but it looks really sweet and was super easy :)