Thursday, 28 October 2010

Rag doll Bow

So the crafty thing continues.
I couldnt sleep last night so this really got thrown together at about 3 am haha. I think had I been awake it would be nice and neat... so I wouldn't have needed to call it a rag doll bow.

Its just made out of some old jammies I was about to throw out. I thought it was a pit to waste such a nice fabric, despite the fact it was thin and not stretchy at all so very uncomfortable to sleep in. the little 'ribbon-y' bits are made from the straps of the top. I found a big pink button and a little flower knocking around and sewed them on too.

I plan to maybe attach it to a big barrette so I could clip it in my hair. That could look cute.

Id get a few stares

but I've never minded that XD would YOU wear this out? Just curious :)

I hope this crafty phase stays with me. Its a lot of fun XD

In other news my very first youtube video will be up tomorrow :) Id appreciate a bit of feedback from you guys. Ill post a link

thankyou for reading xx

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