Wednesday, 27 October 2010

cuddly cupcakes!

wow...Im in a really crafty mood at the moment!

I made this ADORABLE little cupcake plushie! He's nowhere near perfect and the face is all glued on with eyelash glue but I love him!

Im really making an effort to finish things I start right now. Its sort of a new school years resolution, though it applies to everything, not just school work.

But this little chappie makes me so proud just because I finished him. My room is full of half started projects that I could just never be bothered to complete.

I'm really into my crafts right now. I'll definitely be posting up pics of more things and maybe tutorials if anything turns out tutorial worthy :)

Im tempted to thread some ribbon through the top and hang him somewhere... maybe save him for a really cute christmas tree decoration!

thankyou for reading xx

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