Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Frankenailsss! :D

Okay so these arent entirely original. I saw them on Xsparkage's blog and she saw goldiestarling's video on youtube.

But these are sooo cute and ultra halloweeny that I just HAD to try them!

Its not perfect as I was just messing about, but this is the finished result:

I used Illamasqua's 'Milf' for the green and the black is from Barry M as is the 'vivd purple' on my other nails. the white is from MACs Hello Kitty collection.

They were stupidly easy. I used only one 'tool' and that was to do the black points of the eyes and the mouth. and even then, I dont have any special tools, so I always just use the tip of an old eyeliner that I didnt like so I chucked it and rinsed the tip and use that for nail art :)

its so much fun, and I even managed to do it on my other hand without too much trouble.

Have a try! xx

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