Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bunny Bouquet Necklace and failed attempts

Hooray for little bunnies and flowers! I'm really proud of this but LAWD it took a while to actually get to this point.

Im just gunna show you the attempts beforehand so we can all have a laugh at my fails and it shows that most of us find it hard to get stuff right first time :)

I started out with this

Obviously this is crap so I tried another which was so bad I screwed it up before I could take a picture.

So I did a few doodles to figure out what I actually wanted my bunny to look like

and eventually came up with this, not perfect but decent:

nearly there

a few tweaks later aaaand:

Im very proud of my little bunny It's on my DeviantArt.

I'm really sorry that none of the pictures are done in especially good lighting or anything, but I'm still sick and its nearly midnight and a cold won't get me off school tomorrow.

I hope you liked it and maybe found it helpful too :) xx

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Random fun things :)

Hi everyone

This really isn’t much of anything but I thought It’d be fun to show you some of the bits I’ve gotten recently from shopping places and a little gift from the bf, so here we go:

I got this baby in temptations and its gorgeous! I’m a Hello Kitty nut so it’s always fun coming across something like this to add to my little collection. I’ve yet to find something to put in there but I’m becoming quite interested in cocktail rings at the moment so if I pick up a few they would go nicely in there, it’d be a great way to keep them safe and organised. The few I have get lost in the abyss that is my jewellery box. >.<

The second thing was this bottle of Miss Dior Cherie! :D It was given to me by my lovely bf when he went away to Monaco recently. I’ve wanted it forever so it was a lovely surprise when he got home. I’m trying to save it for special occasions but I love it so much I can’t help spritzing it over everything! I need to learn some self control I think haha.

Oh my gosh this excited me so much! I found these on ebay and they are adorable! They’re makeup brushes from Tokidoki and each one has the head of a character on the end. Mozzarella is the cow girl, Donutella is the mouse with the donuts for ears and the skull one is Adios Amigos. The handles are really pretty and detailed too and the brushes are soft and fluffy and all really good quality. They were £30 for the set so considering MAC brushes can cost over that for one I think it was a steal! I’ll be doing a more full review soon.

Sorry I don't know what's wrong but this one won't post the right way up... sorry guys :(

This is a little pack of Stila makeup that I picked up from my local TK MAXX in Watford. I was so excited when I saw this! I've longed to try out Stila for a long time but its not sold in England except for on e-tailers and I'm always reluctant because I can't tell sizes and shades from online.

But this stuff is lovely! The lipstick is in Chelsea and is a very sheer crimson colour which is beautiful to wear during the day. The quad is in Marrakesh and consists of two soft pinks and brown and a gold. All very muted shades but all good pigmentation and very pretty. The last thing that came with the pack was the stila sun gel which I was dubious about but I found I can use just a touch underneath my foundation to give a glow to my skin. As especially in this cold weather with me being so pale I've found I can often look ashy and a bit sick.

Sorry I've been mia a while, schools piling up and I've been getting a bit ill recently. But I'll be back soon with a more in depth review of the brushes and of the Stila. Remeber to look out for them if you're anywhere near a TK MAXX.

bye guys! xx

Polymer Clay crafts.

Ahh I do love sculpy clay

For some reason I can't stop making little treats with them. Here a few of the ones that didnt burn, collapse or get sat on by the cat and/or my brother:

I know they arent THE most professional things, but I'm very proud of them :)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

H20 Plus review update

This is just a quick update on my trying out the H20 Plus Sea Pure range.
So far I have found that this really isnt the product for me. It makes my skin far too oily and the moisturisers really don't work under makeup. However My mum loevs the stuff. I guess it really works for anti-aging, as skin often gets dryer and thinner as it ages and a deep moisturisation is great to help plump up the skin and replenish that youthful glow we all strive for.

So I personally really liked the toner, but other than that if you don't need any anti aging products steer clear. however if you do I can say myself that my mums skin looks brighter and healthier so thats great :)

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Little shoutout :)

Just a thankyou to my lovely attention whore boyfriend who designed my new header! Isnt it cuuute!? He is wonderful, beautiful and my babyyyyyyyy... and maybe now he'll stop pestering me for a thankyou blog yes? ;)

Sunday, 7 November 2010

romantic nails

I have a few MAC glitters and I've never known what to do with them. Usually I only buy them when Im having one of those days when you're silly and buy things only because the colour is pretty. But Ive found a way to use my glitter! Ive never liked putting it on my eyes or lips because it can irritate and its far too chunky to use as shimmer on cheeks or anything, but in an effort to not have my money wasted I've discovered that they can look great on nails!

Ive tried a few combinations and methods and this is my favourite so far.

Just a peachy pink nail polish and my 'Gold' MAC glitter pressed gently over the tips

I just wish the pictures would show up clearer but my iphone has a tendency to make colours too washed out or too dark so Im sorry about that. >.<>

I think it looks sweet and romantic and very pretty and Im wearing it to school tomorrow :)

My only problem with doing this stuff is just how messy it is. I dont understand how I can find glitter in my brushes... which are kept a good few feet away from my desk where I did this. I may have to get used to doing it over the sink!

speaking of brushes I have some really cute things to show you including a set of Tokidoki brushes that I get off EBay so stay tuned for that! :)

I'll post some more glitter nail pics if I find any more really cute combos and I have a feeling this could work well with Barry M glitter dusts, so there's a great budget option. I'll try and let you know

I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit of nailsy-ness and thankyou for reading :) xx

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

BeautyStat review: H2O Plus 'Sea Pure' natural review.

Hey :)

This is my very first review for the BeautyStat Blogger Network. I hope you enjoy.

To get it out of the way these products were sent to me for review by the BeautyStat Network, I am receiving no monetary compensation for this review and it will be my 100% honest opinion.

Right, thats that out of the way :)

psst, there's a coupon code near the bottom of the page!

H2O Plus is a company that uses mainly sea sourced products with a blend of natural ingredients in their skin care range. Their products are all 100% vegan and biodegradable which makes them a great company for anyone who is trying to be more environmentally friendly.

The 'Sea Pure' range, which is what I am reviewing claims to 'naturally stimulate yourskin's cellular renewal cycle to fade age related imperfections' in other words, it claims to have anti aging properties.

The full range consists of a 'creamy facial cleanser', a 'refining polish', 'renewing prep tonic', 'perfecting eye cream' and 'deep moisture cream'.

So what we have is a full skin care routine plan aiming to reduce the signs of aging which I am going to go human ginuea pig and try out for you!

I am 18 and so Im not really in any need ofanti aging treatments. My mother however is in her early 50s and has agreed to try them out with me.

Therefore I'll be talking about the feel of the products and how they work out just as skin care. My mother will be taking care of the anti aging side of things.

Every week I will give a small update on how me and my mum are finding things and in 5 weeks give my final verdict. \

Right now Im just going to give you my first impressions of the range which I used last night and this morning, going in the order I used it:

Gentle Refining Polish:

This was the first part of the skin care range. I found that while it wasn't really that 'gentle', the granules were very fine. The scrub exfoliated very thoroughly and made my face feel really soft if a little red.
It contains bamboo extract and sea moss and a little research tells me that bamboo extract is a natural exfoliant and is also a rich source of silica, which is helpful in plumping up the skin and making it look fresher.
Sea moss is known for its' soothing properties and improving the circulation, help skin be more resilient.

Creamy Facial Cleanser:

The first thing I noticed about this cleanser was that it had quite a lemony scent. Not overpowering or sharp, just a buzz of lemons, which gave a really refreshing wake up to me in the morning.
It did cream up really nicely on the skin and I didnt have to use very much to get a lovely lather all over. What I didn't like was that when I washed it off, I got a stiff feeling on my skin, similar to when I use soap to wash and it was uncomfortable.
This cleanser contains amino acids and apple proteins which both are used in skin care to stimulate the skin and can help improve skin that has been scarred or has stretch marks.

Renewing Prep Tonic:

I really liked this product, it had the same citrus smell and the bottle had a pump which I loved. I didn't have to tip the bottle onto a cotton pad, I just squirted it on. It felt fresh and lovely on my skin especially in the morning when I was half asleep. Its alcohol free and contains amino acids and sea moss along with natural lactic acid, which helps get rid of dead skin cells and hydrates the skin. So a very useful ingredient.

Perfecting Eye Cream:

Neither of the creams had that same fresh citrus smell that the rest of the products did. Instead they had a strange plasticky smell which I didn't like. They eye cream contains jojoba seed and coconut extracts which both help the skin feel more soft and supple, so great for sagging skin around the eyes. It also contains 'Atlantic sea flora' whatever the heck that is, which is apparently good for making the skin appear brighter so its tackling dark circles too.
I wasn't a massive fan of the eye cream as I found it greasy however I do suffer from dark circles so if it helps with that I will be singing its praises.

Deep Moisture Cream:

This was quite a light cream with a nice silky feel but it made my skin feel greasy after a few hours so its probably best passed on if you don't have dry skin. This contains the same stuff as the eye cream but is less thick. It also sank better into my skin than the eye cream. A good night cream but I found it didn't do very well under my foundation it also doesn't contain any spf, which for me is a disappointment as I think that UV protection is vital for any moisturiser, especially one focused on anti ageing.

Other stuff:

I liked the packaging of everything. It was simple and clean and really goes with the concept of the brand. Fresh natural and simple.
All of the products are 98% natural, aside from the toner which is 96% but thats still a good step. Every product is free of synthetic fragrances, parabens and sulfates. The company is also cruelty free. So in terms of being earth friendly they do a pretty good job. I also really love how they provide a little description of the most important ingredients on the boxes of the products and its benefits.

The price is quite high, with the moisture cream going for $40 for 50ml, thats currently £25, which is more than MACs moisturelush cream which has the same amount. SO its not cheap, but whether its worth it will be revealed in the next few weeks.

also if you want to save a bit there is a coupon code for the products: Just enter 100275 at the checkout.

I hope you enjoyed this review and stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks :)

thankyou for reading xx