Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bunny Bouquet Necklace and failed attempts

Hooray for little bunnies and flowers! I'm really proud of this but LAWD it took a while to actually get to this point.

Im just gunna show you the attempts beforehand so we can all have a laugh at my fails and it shows that most of us find it hard to get stuff right first time :)

I started out with this

Obviously this is crap so I tried another which was so bad I screwed it up before I could take a picture.

So I did a few doodles to figure out what I actually wanted my bunny to look like

and eventually came up with this, not perfect but decent:

nearly there

a few tweaks later aaaand:

Im very proud of my little bunny It's on my DeviantArt.

I'm really sorry that none of the pictures are done in especially good lighting or anything, but I'm still sick and its nearly midnight and a cold won't get me off school tomorrow.

I hope you liked it and maybe found it helpful too :) xx

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