Sunday, 21 November 2010

Random fun things :)

Hi everyone

This really isn’t much of anything but I thought It’d be fun to show you some of the bits I’ve gotten recently from shopping places and a little gift from the bf, so here we go:

I got this baby in temptations and its gorgeous! I’m a Hello Kitty nut so it’s always fun coming across something like this to add to my little collection. I’ve yet to find something to put in there but I’m becoming quite interested in cocktail rings at the moment so if I pick up a few they would go nicely in there, it’d be a great way to keep them safe and organised. The few I have get lost in the abyss that is my jewellery box. >.<

The second thing was this bottle of Miss Dior Cherie! :D It was given to me by my lovely bf when he went away to Monaco recently. I’ve wanted it forever so it was a lovely surprise when he got home. I’m trying to save it for special occasions but I love it so much I can’t help spritzing it over everything! I need to learn some self control I think haha.

Oh my gosh this excited me so much! I found these on ebay and they are adorable! They’re makeup brushes from Tokidoki and each one has the head of a character on the end. Mozzarella is the cow girl, Donutella is the mouse with the donuts for ears and the skull one is Adios Amigos. The handles are really pretty and detailed too and the brushes are soft and fluffy and all really good quality. They were £30 for the set so considering MAC brushes can cost over that for one I think it was a steal! I’ll be doing a more full review soon.

Sorry I don't know what's wrong but this one won't post the right way up... sorry guys :(

This is a little pack of Stila makeup that I picked up from my local TK MAXX in Watford. I was so excited when I saw this! I've longed to try out Stila for a long time but its not sold in England except for on e-tailers and I'm always reluctant because I can't tell sizes and shades from online.

But this stuff is lovely! The lipstick is in Chelsea and is a very sheer crimson colour which is beautiful to wear during the day. The quad is in Marrakesh and consists of two soft pinks and brown and a gold. All very muted shades but all good pigmentation and very pretty. The last thing that came with the pack was the stila sun gel which I was dubious about but I found I can use just a touch underneath my foundation to give a glow to my skin. As especially in this cold weather with me being so pale I've found I can often look ashy and a bit sick.

Sorry I've been mia a while, schools piling up and I've been getting a bit ill recently. But I'll be back soon with a more in depth review of the brushes and of the Stila. Remeber to look out for them if you're anywhere near a TK MAXX.

bye guys! xx

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