Sunday, 7 November 2010

romantic nails

I have a few MAC glitters and I've never known what to do with them. Usually I only buy them when Im having one of those days when you're silly and buy things only because the colour is pretty. But Ive found a way to use my glitter! Ive never liked putting it on my eyes or lips because it can irritate and its far too chunky to use as shimmer on cheeks or anything, but in an effort to not have my money wasted I've discovered that they can look great on nails!

Ive tried a few combinations and methods and this is my favourite so far.

Just a peachy pink nail polish and my 'Gold' MAC glitter pressed gently over the tips

I just wish the pictures would show up clearer but my iphone has a tendency to make colours too washed out or too dark so Im sorry about that. >.<>

I think it looks sweet and romantic and very pretty and Im wearing it to school tomorrow :)

My only problem with doing this stuff is just how messy it is. I dont understand how I can find glitter in my brushes... which are kept a good few feet away from my desk where I did this. I may have to get used to doing it over the sink!

speaking of brushes I have some really cute things to show you including a set of Tokidoki brushes that I get off EBay so stay tuned for that! :)

I'll post some more glitter nail pics if I find any more really cute combos and I have a feeling this could work well with Barry M glitter dusts, so there's a great budget option. I'll try and let you know

I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit of nailsy-ness and thankyou for reading :) xx

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