Monday, 24 May 2010

LUSH: Blackberry Bath Bomb

I like LUSH stuff, though I’m not totally obsessed like many people are. I appreciate the nummy smells and environmental conscience and fun attitude, but it’s not as if their products are ALL I will use, and I admit that a good amount of their products are overhyped because, much like MAC, everyone raves about it and people just follow on. However I will give my honest opinion...the good the bad and the yummy:

Blackberry Bath Bomb:

I used this just this morning, rolled out of bed and got a bath going. I’m more of a shower girl generally but I like the occasional bath when I don’t have school and can just relax and go all pruney. I know some people cut up their LUSH bath ballistics but I just like to dump them in and watch them fizzle and crackle in the water and BOY did this fizzle and crackle! I actually just dropped it in the water and went to get some towels and was actually drawn back by how loud a sound it was making. As well as that my water was turning a deep purple colour which was really cool to watch and the smell of berries was strong, though not overpowering. I didn’t really catch much of the other stuff that is claimed to be in it such as frankincense and Bergamot but that really didn’t matter. I could smell the blackcurrant all through my bath which was great though it didn’t feel like it was making any kind of difference to the condition of my skin. Its not really made for moisturising or softening or anything, it’s purely yummy to smell and fun to use...and I won’t ruin it for you, but there’s a little surprise hidden inside the ballistic for you too.

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