Friday, 6 August 2010

Review: Harajuku Lovers perfumes

From left: Love, Lil' Angel, G, Music, Baby

When my Grandma amazingly bought me a good present last Christmas, the HL fragrance in Lil' Angel, I made it my mission to collect them all and finally through months of forgetting and being strapped for cash and generally having other things to spend my money on, I finally bought music and the collection was complete.

So I thought I'd save other people the trouble and say what I think about all of them so maybe you will only have to go out and buy the one you'll like best... or mybe Im just very excited and need to share my thoughts? ;)

LOVE: Love to me is definitely the easiest to wear of the bunch. Very floral and pretty it falls nicely into that inoffensive but then not very bold category. Great for daytime though after the fresh start it simmers into a bit of a stale fake smell, which is a shame.

LIL’ ANGEL: Is VERY fruity. It smelled quite demure in the bottle but when it went on my skin it reminded me of childrens bubble bath, a little synthetic. Fortunately it loses the synthetic twang eventually and becomes a cute shopping trip type fragrance.

G: Gwen herself, this for me is exactly how summer should smell, just like a big elaborate cocktail with a dry feel. It even reminds me of sunscreen...though really yummy sunscreen. And thankfully it smells just as nice on my skin as in the bottle and has a pretty good staying power. It’s not exactly delicate but it’s certainly a really good one for a burst of summer.

MUSIC: Music is much more grown up than all the other giggly flirty scents. It’s much more torte and wouldn’t be out of place in the evenings. I hate how it starts on my skin, smelling like soap, but it quickly becomes a dense musky number.

BABY: Possibly my favourite for every day, very different from the other fruity smells, despite smelling disgusting when it first gets to my skin, it dries to a lovely dusky vintage smell which is really nice all year round and for any occasion. Cute yet a bunny with a monocle?

The bottle aren’t really what you want to get out and show anyone if you’re over the age of 16 but on your dresser or shelf they look really adorable with their little outfits and hair. During January I had to keep myself from buying all of the snow bunnies’ collection which were all the same scents. But with the new Sunshine cuties which have altered scents...let’s just say I’ve already got Baby and G sitting unopened on my shelf.

Thankyou for reading xx

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